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An RCD (residual current device), is a life-saving device that is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire. It also provide some protection against electrical fires.


What is an RCD?

A push button test must be performed every 3 months. A great way to remember this is to test them at the start of each season.


How often do I need to test my RCD's?
  1. Turn off and unplug all electronic devices in your home.

  2.  Locate your home switchboard, inside the switchboard, should be RCD’s, these will be identified by labels on the escutcheon panel.

  3. Locate the TEST button on the front of the RCD. Press and release quickly. You should hear an audible thunk as the switch turns off. Do this to all RCD’s in your switchboard.

  4. Before turning the RCD back on, walk around your home and look for any devices that are not switched off. If all the RCD’s are off and there are a few outlets with power, this means they are not protected. If this is true or you do not have any RCD’s installed contact Allspark Electrical immediately to upgrade and protect your family and home.

  5. Once completing the test, go ahead and reset them by moving the RCD toggle to the up position. It is now safe to reinstate any electrical devices disconnected prior to testing.


How do I test my RCD's?

Smoke detectors need to be replaced every 10 years in Australia.


To identify if yours need replacement simply undo the clip holding the detector to it’s bracket and check the manufacturing or installation date on the back.


How often do I need to change my smoke alarms?

Testing a smoke alarm can be achieved via 2 methods.

  1. Simply locate the test button on the front of the detector. Press and hold a few seconds until the alarm sounds. Release the test button and the alarm should return to its normal operating state.

  2. Purchase from any hardware or electrical wholesaler a can of pressurised smoke specifically designed for testing smoke alarms. Then simply follow the instructions on the can.


How do I test my smoke alarms?

This 'blip' sound or 'bleep' sound every 5-10 seconds is the smoke alarm telling you to replace your 9V backup battery.


Undo the clip supporting the detector to the ceiling bracket to gain access to the battery. Replace the old battery and refit the smoke detector.


Why is my smoke alarm making a 'blip' sound every 5-10 seconds?

Yes, we certainly can.

In fact, before you sell or rent out a property you will require an Energy Safety Certificate from a registered Electrical Contractor. They will test and verify the correct operation of your smoke alarms and RCD’s.


Can you do rental and property safety inspections?