Smoke Alarm - Installations & Repairs


Smoke alarms save lives and property.


According to WA law, every home must have a hard-wired smoke alarm system.


All smoke alarms must be mains-powered and must comply with the following:

  • Be no older than 10 years

  • Be in working order

  • Be permanently hard-wired to the mains power supply


This is the responsibility of homeowners, proprietors, and landlords.


Non-compliance with these regulations may incur penalties.

Multiple smoke alarms within a residence or commercial space must also be interconnected, regularly checked and tested, and shown to be in working order. 

At All Spark Electrical, we have the experience and expertise to install, check and repair all smoke alarms for residential and commercial clients. We can advise you on how many alarms your property requires and how to locate them properly.